Sunday, September 27, 2009

Attack of La Cucaracha

A funny thing happened last night right as I was finishing some studying and getting ready for bed. My books and flashcards where on the end of my bed as I lay there going over verbs. In about 3 seconds this cockroach about 2 and half inches long runs down the wall, across the floor and jumps 2 feet up off the ground onto my bed in front of me in the middle of my flashcards. It completely startles me so I jump up and start throwing all my books at the cockroach until it dies, all the while yelling. Hearing this my Tico family runs in the room and starts talking really fast in spanish asking what happened, so understanding what they were asking I explaining the whole thing, but I was traumatized so it was really fast in english. A few seconds later I realized what I was doing and relayed the whole thing spanish, using some vocabulary I don't get to use that often. Through it all, I figured out that I have more spanish in me than I thought, at least when its scared out of me.


  1. Oh Eddie! I laughed out loud, and had to have my co-worker come over and read this, and then he laughed out loud too! Too funny!

  2. i LOVE this story, and i can relate perfectly! this has happened to me multiple times too! cucarachas... gotta watch out for them.