Friday, September 18, 2009

This Weeks Spanish Lesson

I would like to teach you another phrase that is common and unique to Costa Rica. "Pura Vida," meaning Pure life, this phrase is used for greetings, explaining how you are doing and even farewells. There are many phrases or words, that are particular to specific countries. The same goes for english speaking countries with a plethora of differences between the US and Great Britain. Further showing how culture and language are inseparable. I have been spending time in thought and study of scripture over the topic of language study, and I look forward to writing to you on the subject soon. But in the mean time, when all is good and you are happy to be alive, its PURA VIDA in Costa Rica. So I pray that you have PURA VIDA. Thanks for reading and for all the prayers, God is most defiantly at work.

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