Friday, September 25, 2009

"Poco a Poco"

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of some project, you turn to pick something up and then when its in your hand you think to yourself, "Now, what was I going to do with this?" You completely blank on what it was that you were doing. I think that is a universal event for anyone, regardless if its truly a senior moment or not. Today I received a jolt back to reality in regards to my current project. Over the past two weeks my mind has become more and more numb, probably because its trying to think and communicate in a language it doesn't know. However, I am here to be able to do just those things and this past week was very difficult. The basics are over and now we are diving deep into the stickiness of Spanish. Being taught spanish, in spanish, can be overwhelming at times and at moments you just shut down. That is what I did this week, I stopped attempting to learn the language for a few days and merely went through the motions. Then God sent an amazing message to remind me why I am studying spanish, a jolt back to reality you might say. I heard from someone I had a conversation with several years ago, in the midst of that conversation I was able to share the gospel. Today I found out that this person had received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior a few months ago. This news was amazing, exciting and put a smile on face from ear to ear. A sense of complete awe that God used a simple conversation as a part of a long series of events to bring someone to a saving knowledge of Himself, with no real action on my part. This was truly an act of God. The reason I am learning spanish is because I am from the 2nd largest spanish speaking country in the world and rather converting them to speak my language, I want to talk to them in the language God created them speaking and tell them about a relationship with Jesus Christ as their saviour. This jolt has encouraged me to not only step up my study of spanish, but more importantly it has opened my eyes to areas of growth in my own relationship with Jesus Christ. My spanish lesson for you this week is a phrase I here dozens of times every day, "Poco a Poco." "Little by little," that is how I am learning spanish, little by little. On the other hand, that is also exactly how God is working on me, "Poco a Poco." Thats how He works on all of us, Phillipians 1 tells us that He is still working on us everyday. Now to step from blogging to a bit of preaching, (sorry I can't help it) I must ask you to think about this for yourself. What's God using in your life to help you do His will more effectively and to grow you along the way? Mine is spanish classes in a foreign country, but it could be anything for anyone. Are you letting Him work? Are patient enough for Him to work in His timing, "Poco a Poco?" Thanks for reading what God has laid on my heart and I pray that this will be an encouragement to you.


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