Thursday, November 4, 2010

Long overdue

I realize this entry is long overdue, like that library book you find at the bottom of your bag at the end of a semester, but here I ago any way. 

The past two months have been a whirlwind and I can't believe that I have been home from Costa Rica this long. After finishing my incredible 18 day trip with my dad through Central America, I arrived home in Pittsboro, Indiana. It was here that I was to work and wait as God brought together the pieces for my next place of ministry. I had Training at EBM, trips with family and visits to friends to occupy the waiting. Still, the unknown has hung over my head like a single lightbulb swings back and forth in a dark interrogation room. OK, maybe a bit dramatic, but it was a bit un-nerving. I began working part time and then volunteering the rest of my time at my home church, Bethesda. It was here that things began to take off into areas never expected and one thing was finally completed after a long time of waiting. 
Let me explain the one thing. Over 2 years ago, while completing my final year at Moody, I began to reflect on the journey in which God had brought me on to Himself and the amazing faithfulness He had shown. Though my heart was (and still can be) wicked and wanted (and some times still wants) nothing to do with Him, He drew me to salvation in Jesus Christ. For most of my life I thought that I was saved at a young age, because of a prayer prayed and a good life lived in the church. I was even baptized in grade school and made a re-dedication in middle school. My better understanding of salvation and what the bible teaches on how a person is saved, led me to the realization I wasn't saved at a young age. Actually, I was given salvation from sins when I was in middle school. This realization changed very little in my every day life, except a better understanding of my relationship with Jesus Christ and more passion for Him. However, soon I realized I had never proclaimed my true salvation to my home church by following the obedience of baptism. While in Costa Rica I decided that this was something I needed to follow through with, in obedience to the Bible. However, I really wanted to do it at my home church, Bethesda, which was a really long ways aways. So I waited. Well, 2 sundays ago, on the 24th of October the waiting ended and I was baptized!!!! It was such a joyful experience of obedience and fellowship with fellow believers. 
The unexpected, will have to wait for another time. I promise to tell you of God’s faithfulness in that as well. 
Now, I am just a week and half away from my trip to Puebla, Mexico. It thrills me to take the time to reflect back on all the things God has done in my life. He refines, He draws near and He strengthens those He has called to Himself.