Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One step at a time......

I have realized the rather large gap in time since my last post. I reported my completion of my first semester in spanish and my return home. Which I must say, was a huge blessing. To spend time with Family and close friends was just what I needed. I had missed everyone so much. But so much has happened since then that I want to fill you in on. I am back in San Jose, Costa Rica studying spanish in my 2nd of 3 semesters. If all goes to plan I should finish my schooling in the beginning of August. School is going great, extremely hard, but a joy. We are diving deeper into the more intricate parts of spanish, so more headaches. However, I have moved into a house with 2 other single guys from school and have been able to get my gluten-free diet under control and I am feeling so much better. This semester has a lot of extra-curricular activities in store. I will be teaching an english course at my church for 4 weeks starting next week and I am currently directing the spring play for the MK school at my language school. It's an amazing group of students and such a joy to be using drama in ministry. We will be working on the production until April 16th and 17th, our show dates.

  As I was getting ready to leave Costa Rica, back in November, the missionary that I had been helping started to pick my brain about staying. He was encouraging me to stay in a spanish speaking country for at least another year to get the spanish down a bit more. Then He opened up some ideas about staying and helping out at our church, Roca Viva. At first, I must say, I was a little apprehensive. I had a rough start to my time here in Costa Rica and a big culture shock. However, with no set plans for the next year I had been telling God to just open up a door and I will go for it. So with this idea planted I thought it might be my open door for the next year. I took the idea home with me over break and began to mull it over in my head. After lots of prayer and discussions, I decided to move ahead and explore to idea of staying for another year. After having a great meeting with the two missionaries here, I have decided to stay in Costa Rica for another year. I will be living closer to the church and spending the majority of my time working amongst its members in discipleship and leadership training. I hope to also use this time to expound my language training for future ministry. I would appreciate your prayers as I am interviewing with agencies and choosing right now which would be the best for this experience. Also, pray for the approaching mountain of raising $8,000 dollars for 650 dollars a month to live on for the year. Right now the plan is to come home after school finishes to finalize everything and be back in Costa Rica by the beginning of October 2010 till October 2011. This will be an amazing opportunity for ministry experience and growth. Please pray as some many things are still coming together and other people are coming into this process. I look forward to future updates, more frequent ones, that will fill you in on all the God is doing in my life. He certainly has great things on the horizon for us all. I hope that you have a wonderful day and if you are cold enjoy some of the Costa Rican warmth I am attaching to this post :)