Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Directoral Debut

I am must first start by thanking everyone who has ever directed me in a production. I have always been thankful for all the hard work they put into the experience, but never could I have understood it completely, until now. This was an amazing experience that God gave me. It has been two and half weeks since we wrapped, but its still fresh in my mind. There were 16 students in the cast, 4 crew and dozens more working in other areas. None of this would have been possible with out of the help of three teachers from the school, Tricia, Kate and Erin. These three worked so hard in different areas to bring the play to life. It was a great time to teach in english, you can't imagine the joy of not struggling for every word. One of my favorites was teaching the kids how to engage story from a biblical worldview (whether its a play, music, books or movies) and then to see them actually begin to pick apart the story of the play as maturing believers. Directing was such a rich experience that has taught me so much about leadership and organization that I know will be helpful in ministry. On top of that, the encouragement to Missionary Kids who have given up many aspects of a normal education to serve with there parents was amazing to be apart off and the encouragement the excitement was to their parents. Theater is a desire of my heart that I learned a while ago to give over to God, and He just keeps bringing it back around.

Here is a picture of the play in action and a group shot of me and all my students.