Monday, August 24, 2009

Where The Streets Have No Name

One thing I have learned and am adapting to is that there are no names for the streets here. To find your way around you use landmarks and descriptions of what the street is like. The part of San Jose that I am living in, San Francisco de dos Rios, has two main roads. A North/South Road and a East/West Road, they are called the Major Roads. The house where I live, as you can see in the picture, is right off of the East/West major road. It is absolutely beautiful every direction you look, you can see from the photo of the road in front of my house heading south, that mountains surround the city. I embarked on a walk today, to familiarize my self with the major roads, my walk to school and the parks. While out I made my first purchase with Colones, Costa Rican currency, an umbrella because it rains a lot here and a sprite, I was thirsty. God has placed such a peace in my heart that this is where I need to be. Already I can see Him using me in peoples lives, you know its all God when you can't even speak the Language. 

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