Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Regen Conference 2009

Just finished up preaching at the Regenerate Conference 2009 Wheaton. What an amazing opportunity it was to preach God's word to a hundred students. The Holy Spirit was most definitely at work in the hearts of people, myself included. I preached from Philippians 1 for 3 main sessions and then enjoyed the fellowship and encouragement from other ministry leaders. I met so many new people who God is using all over the country. God still surprises me in the way He works and controls everything, bringing so many details to His glory. Also, He blessed me with the opportunity to spend time with dear friends Ronel and Kim Borromeo and then swing by to see Ryan, Ginger and Evelyn Jane Barnhart. Lil' bird was born just 2 weeks ago, so this was my first time to see her. It is so good to see those you love. Back in Florida now, with two weeks to go. The next two sundays we will be wrapping up our church wide Galatians study and then back home for 2 weeks to spend with my parentals and family, who I am really missing. 26 days until I leave for Costa Rica!

By His Grace, 

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