Monday, March 8, 2010

In the midst of it all

Friday was the half way point of my official spanish education. At my school you sit down with each of your teachers and they tell you what you are doing good and what you need to work on. I was a bit concerned about this, because I have been on a plateau of learning recently. However, it ended up being a big encouragement and what I need to start climbing up the mountain of spanish once again. Many people say, "it's not how much you know, but how well you say what you know." It's not worth knowing a lot of spanish words if you pronounce them so bad they can't even understand you, so my goal has always been to speak spanish with out an accent. One of my teachers told me that when I am speaking with words I am really familiar with I speak like a native, the goal my teachers have placed in front of me, is to increase my vocabulary. So here I go, eating words, hoping they will stick in my brain.

Update: I am in the second stage of application with EBM, the mission I hope to go with. Also, starting to look around Paraiso, the town my church is in, for possible places to live. On top of all that, had a great sunday with the guy who is leading the youth group, discussing the philosophy of ministry for the group. Then we had a great turn out for youth group with good interaction from the students. Praise the Lord for small steps of growth.

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  1. Anything that we have a passion for; we will find a way to accomplish it. It is when we lose our passion that we fail. That is true for all things in life.