Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Time, Another Place

My time with Mom and Dad was wonderful. We had such a fun time being together and enjoying the beauty of God's handy work in Costa Rica. We crammed in as much as we could and made the most of our time. You can see a slide show of pictures on the right side bar or on facebook. If you see several shots of a valley, that is actually the view out of our hotel window. Being a shutterbug at heart I made sure to get the photo at sunrise, night time, day time and when the clouds moved in and out. This entire valley is filled with coffee plantations. Also, make sure you see the photos that prove Mom did the zip-line. She was a bit nervous at times but she did make her way through a serious of 11 platforms above the Costa Rican Rainforest. They made it safely back to the US with all the souvenirs. I now have 9 days till I head back to the states and only 4 days of classes left. With one test left in Grammar, which is going to be a big one, my classes are wrapping up. The last month has been a lot of fun and difficulty wrapped together. We have moved into the sections of the spanish language that do not translate into english, literally. They are ideas that are said differently than how we would think about it or say it in english. So as you can imagine you get a little baffled when you say, "me caes" "you fall to me" (rough english translation) but it is communicating that you like them, they are a good friend to you. Please pray for me that I would finish strong and please mark december 14th and 15th as I will be traveling at night and the early morning of those days. Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday season, please enjoy a bit of cold weather for me and I enjoy the warmth for you.

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  1. Your pictures are great, but I am anxious to see them up close. See you in a couple of weeks.